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On this page are directions for preparing and submitting your ECTC 2017 paper and presentation. This year the proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Service.

If we have omitted anything, please send your inquiries to Program Chair Mark Poliks.

  • The complete paper preparation guidelines and paper submission instructions are located at
    • ECTC asks that you please email your papers to your session chairs for review at the time of submission. One of the responsibilities of the ECTC session chairs is to review and provide valuable feedback to our authors with the goal of having the highest quality conference proceedings.
    • Use your original ECTC abstract ID for the “Paper ID” when submitting the final paper PDF.
    • Be aware that you are required to submit the copyright release form.
    • No commercial content should appear in ECTC papers.
    • Your paper will be processed through IEEE’s plagiarism check software to identify and eliminate plagiarism. This includes excessive self-duplication and dependence on earlier published works, as well as duplicated and unattributed content. ECTC asks that your paper’s content be original, previously unpublished, non-confidential and without commercial content.
    • When submitting the final paper, the “Abstract” section should be the abstract from the manuscript, not the original abstract submitted for acceptance into the conference.
    • ECTC recommends paper length of 6 to 8 pages for publication in the conference proceedings. The maximum allowed length is 12 pages.
    • Your paper must be formatted according to the IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines. A Microsoft Word (.doc) Template is available here. (Note: if prompted for a password, just click “OK” to continue)
    • The paper submission due date is February 24, 2017.
  • Examples of well received papers are the Best Papers from the last ECTC. (Please note that the paper format template is changing this year.)
  • Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint - This is the recommended ECTC slide template file for presentations. The 67th ECTC Presentation guidelines can be found here.
  • Interactive Presentation Information (PDF) - This file contains additional information for authors presenting in one of the Interactive Presentation sessions.
  • Interactive Presentation Quad Chart Template for Microsoft PowerPoint - This is the recommended ECTC quad chart template file for Interactive Presentations.
  • Visa Reminder (PDF)
  • Calendar - Last day for ECTC rate hotel registration: April 28, 2017, and last day for discounted conference registration: May 4, 2017