Technical Program

Note: 69th ECTC technical program available below for reference. 70th advance program will be available in February 2020.

The following is the preliminary technical program for the 69th ECTC. This program may undergo many changes, in the weeks and months to come, before evolving into the Final Program of the conference.

The Advance Program PDF file may not have the the most current list of presentations. The up-to-date information on presentations can be found in the session links listed at the bottom of this page.

Packaging Technologies
Session 1: Wafer-Level Fan-Out Process Integration
Session 3: RDL and Additive Manufacturing
Session 7: Advances in Flip Chip Packaging
Session 13: Technologies Enabling 3D and Heterogeneous Integration
Session 19: MEMS, Sensors, and IoT
Session 25: Wafer Level Packaging and Fan-In/Fan-Out Structures & Materials
Session 28: Embedded and Integrated Technologies
Session 31: Automotive and Power Packaging
High-Speed, Wireless & Components
Session 15: High-Bandwidth Packaging
Session 21: 5G, mm-Wave, and Antenna-in-Package
Session 26: High-Speed Signaling for High-Performance Computing and Memory
Session 36: RF & Power Components and Modules
Emerging Technologies
Session 3: RDL and Additive Manufacturing
Session 6: Emerging Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Session 27: Advanced Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Session 2: Next-Generation Wirebonding and Die Attach
Session 14: Fine-Pitch Solderless Bonding
Session 20: Fanout and Heterogeneous Integration
Session 23: High-Bandwidth 3D and Photonic Integration
Session 35: New Interconnects for Package Scaling
Assembly & Manufacturing Technology
Session 5: Bonding Manufacturing Technologies
Session 10: Dicing and Encapsulation Technologies
Session 28: Embedded and Integrated Technologies
Session 32: Power and Panel Assembly
Materials & Processing
Session 4: Advancements in Automotive and Power Devices
Session 8: Material and Process Trends in FOWLP and PLP
Session 16: Advanced Materials for High-Speed Electronics
Session 22: Advanced Substrates and Interconnect Technology
Session 34: Emerging Materials and Processing
Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Session 9: Wearables and Thin-Package Reliability and Chip Package Interaction
Session 18: Warpage and Material Performance
Session 30: Assembly and Process Modeling
Session 33: Fan-Out, Flip Chip, and WLCSP
Session 12: Advanced Photonic Devices and Packaging
Session 23: High-Bandwidth 3D and Photonic Integration
Applied Reliability
Session 11: Automotive and Harsh-Environment Reliability
Session 17: Materials and Design for Reliability of Next-Generation Packages
Session 24: Advancements in Solder Joint Characterization and Reliability Evaluation
Session 29: Electromigration and Innovative Reliability Test Methods
Interactive Presentations
Session 37: Interactive Presentations 1
Session 38: Interactive Presentations 2
Session 39: Interactive Presentations 3
Session 40: Interactive Presentations 4
Session 41: Student Interactive Presentations