Technical Program

The Technical Program for the 67th ECTC features over 300 technical papers covering all aspects of electronic packaging and interconnect technology.

Advanced Packaging
Session 1: Fan-Out Packaging Process and Integration
Session 7: Fan-Out Packaging Materials and Passives
Session 14: Heterogeneous Integration
Session 15: Flip Chip and Embedding in Substrates
Session 20: MEMS and Sensor Technologies
Session 26: 3D Integration Processing and Reliability
Session 31: Auto Electronics Packaging and Power Modules
High-Speed, Wireless & Components
Session 6: 5G, mmWave and Beyond
Session 30: RF Components and Module Integration
Session 36: Advances in Signal and Power Integrity
Emerging Technologies
Session 5: Emerging Sensors and Microsystems Packaging
Session 17: Materials and Processes for Flexible and Wearable Devices
Session 23: Additive Manufacturing and Panel-Level Packaging
Session 2: TSV Process, Characterization and Applications
Session 9: Fine Pitch Flip Chip Process Technologies
Session 13: Interconnect Advances in FO & WLP
Session 21: 3D Cu-Cu and Micro Bump Bonding Technologies
Session 27: Advances in Thermal Compression and Wirebonding
Session 32: Reliability Challenges in 2.5D/3D Interconnect
Assembly & Manufacturing Technology
Session 3: Flip Chip Assembly
Session 8: Singulation Process Developments
Session 14: Heterogeneous Integration
Session 29: Warpage Control and Substrates
Materials & Processing
Session 4: Advanced Substrates and Integrated Devices
Session 16: 3D Materials and Processing
Session 19: Recent Advances in FOWLP Technology
Session 28: Advanced Materials for Reliability Improvement
Session 33: Advanced Bonding and Soldering Technology
Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Session 11: Mechanical Modeling and Characterization of Interposers and Interconnections
Session 18: Warpage, Electromigration and Mechanical Characterization
Session 22: Solder Joint & Interconnect Reliability, Characterization and Modeling
Session 35: Thermomechanical and Thermal Characterization
Session 12: Advanced Optical Components and Modules
Session 34: Waveguide Devices and Chip-to-Fiber Packaging
Applied Reliability
Session 10: Harsh Environment Interconnect Reliability
Session 24: Novel Methods to Assess Reliability
Session 25: Characterization and Reliability of Fan-Out & WLP
Session 32: Reliability Challenges in 2.5D/3D Interconnect
Interactive Presentations
Session 37: Interactive Presentations 1
Session 38: Interactive Presentations 2
Session 39: Interactive Presentations 3
Session 40: Interactive Presentations 4
Session 41: Student Interactive Presentations