69th ECTC Highlights

Note: We will provide links to the presentations as they become available.

Event Presentations

1)      Special Session on Transient Electronics: A Green Revolution for Packaging?
(W. Hong Yeo Georgia Institute of Technology and Mikel Miller, EMD Performance Materials
   John Rogers – "Transient Electronics" - Northwestern University
   Matthew MacEwan – Washington University
   Paul Kohl – "Vanishing Devices, From Sensors to Drones, Enabled by Transient Polymers" - Georgia Institute of Technology
   Mihai Irimia-Vladu – Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

2)      Special Session on Photonics on the Cutting Edge of Technology Evolution
(Chairs: Rena Huang Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Soong Jan ficonTEC (USA) Corporation)

   Bert Offrein – IBM Research GmbH-Zurich
   Mark Thompson – PsiQuantum
   Roy Meade – Ayar Labs
   Charles Kuznia – Ultra Communications, Inc.
   Jason Eichenholz – LuminarTechnologies, Inc.

3)      2019 ECTC Panel Session on Future (Visions) of Electronic Packaging
(Chairs: Avi Bar-Cohen, EPS President, Raytheon and Karlheinz Bock, TU Dresden)

   Shreya Dwarakanath – Georgia Institute of Technology
   Chandrasekharan Nair – Georgia Institute of Technology
   Martin Schubert – TU Dresden
   Chris Bailey –  University of Greenwich
   Karlheinz Bock – TU Dresden

4)      ECTS/ITHERM Young Professionals Panel and Reception
(Chair: Yan Liu, Medtronic)

5)      HIR Workshop
(Chairs: William Chen
ASE, Bill Bottoms 3MT Solutions and Ravi Mahajan, Intel)
   For more information please contact the EPS HIR roadmap team on their website:

6)      4th year for our EPS Women’s Panel & Reception
(Chairs: Kristina Young-Fisher GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Christina Amon University of Toronto)

   Monica Jackson – GE Aviation
   Rolf Aschenbrenner – Fraunhofer IZM
   Dereje Agonafer – University of Texas at Arlington
   Jean Trewhella – GLOBALFOUNDRIES

7)      Plenary Session: Sensors and Packaging for Autonomous Driving
(Chair Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer IZM)

   Scott Chen – Advanced Semiconductor Engineerng, Inc.
   Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala – "Sensors and Packaging for Autonomous Driving" - Robert Bosch GmbH
   Tu-Anh Tran – "Autonomous Driving Packaging" - NXP Semiconductors
   Nathan Brese – "AHEAD Technology, for Automotive Electronics" - DuPont

8)      2019 IEEE EPS Seminar - Roadmap of IC Packaging to Meet Next Generation Smartphone Performance Requirements
(Chairs: Yasumitsu Orii, Nagase, Japan and Shigenori Aoki, Lintec, Japan)

   Toshihiko Nishio – "Roadmap of IC packaging materials to meet next-generation smartphone performance requirements" - SBR Technology Company
   Eiichi Nomura – "Molding Compound Technology" - Nagase ChemteX
   Koichi Hasegawa – JSR
   Kenji Nishiguchi – "RISHO PCB Materials" - Risho Kogyo
   Mike Sakaguchi – "Tatsuta EMI Shielding Solutions" - Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable
   Yoshio Nishimura – "Advanced Insulating Film for Next-Generation Smartphone Performance Requirements" - Ajinomoto Fine Technology Co.

Media Coverage

1) Semiconductor Engineering
  ECTC: IC Packaging in Vegas

2) Semiconductor Engineering
  Manufacturing Bits: June 4

3) Semiconductor Engineering
  Manufacturing Bits: June 10

4) IEEE EPS Newsletter: July 2019
  The 69th ECTC—Another Stellar Year in Las Vegas ( starts on page 14)

5) Chip Scale Review: August 2019
  Report from the 69th ECTC (starts on page 45) - Mark D. Poliks, Binghamton University