69th ECTC Highlights

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Best Papers

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1) Best Session Paper
  Active Interposer Technology for Chiplet-Based Advanced 3D System Architectures
Perceval Coudrain, Jean Charbonnier, Arnaud Garnier, Pascal Vivet, Rémi Vélard, Andrea Vinci, Fabienne Ponthenier, Alexis Farcy, Roselyne Segaud, Pascal Chausse, Lucile Arnaud, Didier Lattard, Eric Guthmuller, Giovanni Romano, Alain Gueugnot, Frédéric Berger, Jérôme Beltritti, Therry Mourier, Mathilde Gottardi, Stéphane Minoret, Céline Ribière, Gilles Romero, Pierre-Emile Philip, Yorrick Exbrayat, Daniel Scevola, Didier Campos, Maxime Argoud, Nacima Allouti, Raphaël Eleouet, César Fuguet Tortolero, Christophe Aumont, Denis Dutoit, Corinne Legalland, Jean Michailos, Séverine Chéramy,  Gilles Simon - CEA LETI

2) Best Interactive Presentation Paper
  Low Temperature and Pressureless Microfluidic Electroless Bonding Process for Vertical Interconnection
H.T. Hung, S.Yang, I. A. Weng, Y. H. Chen, C. R. Kao-National Taiwan University, Y.H. Chen-Unimicron Corp.

3) Outstanding Session Paper
  A MEMS Microphone in a FOWLP
Horst Theuss, Christian Geissler, Franz-Xaver Muehlbauer, Claus von Waechter, Thomas Kilger, Juergen Wagner, Thomas Fischer, Ulf Bartl, Stephan Helbig, Alfred Sigl, Dominic Maier, Bernd Goller, Matthias Vobl, Matthias Herrmann, Johannes Lodermeyer, Ulrich Krumbein - Infineon Technologies AG;
Alfons Dehe - Hahn-Schickard 

4) Outstanding Interactive Presentation Paper
  An Assessment of Electromigration in 2.5D Packaging
Jiefeng Xu, Huayan Wang, Jing Wang, VanLai Pham, Stephen R. Cain-Xilinx , S.B. Park-The State University of New York at Binghamton,
Scott McCann, Gamal Refai-Ahmed-Xilinx, Inc.

5) Intel Best Student Session Paper
  A Single Bonding Process for Diverse Organic-Inorganic Integration in IoT Devices
T. H. Yang, Y. S. Chiu, H. Y. Yu, A. Shigetou, and C. R. Kao - National Taiwan University

6) TI Best Student Interactive Presentations Paper
  Effects of Oven and Laser Sintering Parameters on the Electrical Resistance of IJP Nano-Silver Traces on Mesoporous PET Before and During Fatigue Cycling
G.S. Khinda, M.Z. Kokash, M. Alhendi, M. Yadav, J.P. Lombardi, D.L. Weerawarne, M.D. Poliks, P. Borgesen – Binghamton University,
N. C. Stoffel- General Electric

Event Presentations

1)      Special Session on Transient Electronics: A Green Revolution for Packaging?
(W. Hong Yeo Georgia Institute of Technology and Mikel Miller, EMD Performance Materials
   John Rogers – "Transient Electronics" - Northwestern University
   Matthew MacEwan – Washington University
   Paul Kohl – "Vanishing Devices, From Sensors to Drones, Enabled by Transient Polymers" - Georgia Institute of Technology
   Mihai Irimia-Vladu – Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

2)      Special Session on Photonics on the Cutting Edge of Technology Evolution
(Chairs: Rena Huang Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Soong Jan ficonTEC (USA) Corporation)

   Bert Offrein – IBM Research GmbH-Zurich
   Mark Thompson – PsiQuantum
   Roy Meade – Ayar Labs
   Charles Kuznia – Ultra Communications, Inc.
   Jason Eichenholz – LuminarTechnologies, Inc.

3)      2019 ECTC Panel Session on Future (Visions) of Electronic Packaging
(Chairs: Avi Bar-Cohen, EPS President, Raytheon and Karlheinz Bock, TU Dresden)

   Shreya Dwarakanath – Georgia Institute of Technology
   Chandrasekharan Nair – Georgia Institute of Technology
   Martin Schubert – TU Dresden
   Chris Bailey –  University of Greenwich
   Karlheinz Bock – TU Dresden

4)      ECTS/ITHERM Young Professionals Panel and Reception
(Chair: Yan Liu, Medtronic)

5)      HIR Workshop
(Chairs: William Chen
ASE, Bill Bottoms 3MT Solutions and Ravi Mahajan, Intel)
   For more information please contact the EPS HIR roadmap team on their website:

6)      4th year for our EPS Women’s Panel & Reception
(Chairs: Kristina Young-Fisher GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Christina Amon University of Toronto)

   Monica Jackson – GE Aviation
   Rolf Aschenbrenner – Fraunhofer IZM
   Dereje Agonafer – University of Texas at Arlington
   Jean Trewhella – GLOBALFOUNDRIES

7)      Plenary Session: Sensors and Packaging for Autonomous Driving
(Chair Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer IZM)

   Scott Chen – Advanced Semiconductor Engineerng, Inc.
   Przemyslaw Jakub Gromala – "Sensors and Packaging for Autonomous Driving" - Robert Bosch GmbH
   Tu-Anh Tran – "Autonomous Driving Packaging" - NXP Semiconductors
   Nathan Brese – "AHEAD Technology, for Automotive Electronics" - DuPont

8)      2019 IEEE EPS Seminar - Roadmap of IC Packaging to Meet Next Generation Smartphone Performance Requirements
(Chairs: Yasumitsu Orii, Nagase, Japan and Shigenori Aoki, Lintec, Japan)

   Toshihiko Nishio – "Roadmap of IC packaging materials to meet next-generation smartphone performance requirements" - SBR Technology Company
   Eiichi Nomura – "Molding Compound Technology" - Nagase ChemteX
   Koichi Hasegawa – JSR
   Kenji Nishiguchi – "RISHO PCB Materials" - Risho Kogyo
   Mike Sakaguchi – "Tatsuta EMI Shielding Solutions" - Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable
   Yoshio Nishimura – "Advanced Insulating Film for Next-Generation Smartphone Performance Requirements" - Ajinomoto Fine Technology Co.

Media Coverage

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  ECTC: IC Packaging in Vegas

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  Manufacturing Bits: June 4

3) Semiconductor Engineering
  Manufacturing Bits: June 10

4) IEEE EPS Newsletter: July 2019
  The 69th ECTC—Another Stellar Year in Las Vegas ( starts on page 14)

5) Chip Scale Review: August 2019
  Report from the 69th ECTC (starts on page 45) - Mark D. Poliks, Binghamton University