The following is the preliminary technical program for the 70th ECTC, now a Virtual Conference. This program may undergo many changes, in the weeks and months to come, before evolving into the Final Program of the conference.

SPECIAL SESSIONS of the Virtual Event
recorded presentations 

Special Sessions
Session: Bridge to quantum Computing
Session: Cutting-Edge Technology on Integrated Photonics and Packaging
Session: Diversity and Inclusion Drives Innovation and Productivity
Session: 3DIC - Past, Present and Future
Session: Future Semiconductor Packages For Artificial Intelligence Hardware
Session: Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap Workshop
Session: Presentations from our Conference Sponsors

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TECHNICAL SESSIONS of the Virtual Event
recorded presentations

Packaging Technologies
Session 1: Fan-Out Technologies for System Integration
Session 7: Advances in Packaging at the Wafer/Panel Level
Session 10: MEMS and Sensors
Session 13: 2.5D and 3D Technology Enabling High Performance Computing
Session 19: Embedded and Heterogeneous Integration
Session 25: High Density Fan-Out Technology
Session 31: Automotive and Power Electronics Packaging
High-Speed, Wireless & Components
Session 3: Antenna-in-Package for 5G and Radar Systems
Session 9: Power Delivery and Conversion
Session 21: High Speed in Signal Integrity
Session 30: RF and Power Components and Modules
Emerging Technologies
Session 18: Emerging Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Session 22: Advanced Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Session 35: Additive Manufacturing and Innovative Materials for Packaging
Session 8: High-Density RDL for Advanced Interconnects
Session 16: Sintering and Interconnect Reliability
Session 26: Breakthroughs in TSV and TGV Technologies
Session 32: Stacking and Bonding Technologies
Assembly & Manufacturing Technology
Session 5: Advanced Bonding Methods and Processing
Session 7: Advances in Packaging at the Wafer/Panel Level
Session 15: Flexible and Printed Electronics
Session 23: Advanced Dicing and Laser-Assisted Bonding
Session 28: Enhanced Manufacturing and Process Integration
Materials & Processing
Session 2: Innovation on WLCSP and 3D Packaging
Session 14: Materials for High-Speed/Frequency and 5G
Session 20: Materials and Processes for FOWLP and PLP
Session 29: Advances in Bonding Materials and Processes
Session 34: Emerging Materials and Processing
Thermal/Mechanical Simulation & Characterization
Session 6: Interconnect Modeling
Session 12: Modeling for Heterogeneous Integration: From Wafer to Board Level
Session 24: Material and Interface Modeling
Session 36: Multiphysics and AI-Enhanced Modeling Approaches
Session 4: Advanced Photonic Integration Packaging
Applied Reliability
Session 11: Reliability of Next-Generation Interconnects
Session 17: Automotive and Harsh Environment Reliability
Session 27: WLP and Advanced Technology Reliability
Session 33: Advances in Reliability Assessment
Topical Sessions Hosted by Interactive Presentations Technical Subcommittee
Session 37: New Methods, Techniques and Devices in Packaging
Session 38: 5G, mm-wave and RF Packaging
Session 39: Current Trends in High Speed Interconnects
Session 40: Manufacturing Techniques for Advanced Packaging
Session 41: Characterization and Analysis of Packaging Materials
Session 42: Thermo-Mechanical Effects in Packaging
Session 43: Reliability and Failure Analyses of Emerging Materials
Session 44: Optoelectronics, Flex and Emerging Techniques
Session 45: Student Session