Technical Program

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Session 7: Advanced Flip Chip and Embedded Substrate Technologies
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Packaging Technologies
Room: Silver Pearl 1

Session Co-Chairs:

Markus Leitgeb
T +43-676-8955-4087
[email protected]
Luu Nguyen
Psi Quantum
T +1-408-551-9117
[email protected]


1. Flip-Chip Chip Scale Package (FCCSP) Process Characterization and Reliability of Coreless Thin Package with 7 nm Si Technology
Eduardo De Mesa - Intel Corporation
Thomas Wagner - Intel Corporation
Beth Keser - Intel Corporation
Jan Proschwitz - Intel Corporation
Bernd Waidhas - Intel Corporation

2. In-Package Ring Hybrid Coupler with On-Chip Termination
Robert Trieb - Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
Andy Heinig - Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

3. Superconducting Molybdenum Multi-chip Module Approach for Cryogenic and Quantum Applications
Archit Shah - Auburn University
Sherman Peek - Auburn University
Vaibhav Gupta - Auburn University
Bhargav Yelamanchili - Auburn University
David Tuckerman - Auburn University
Chris Cantaloube - Auburn University
John Sellers - Auburn University
Michael Hamilton - Auburn University

4. Functional Interposer Embedded with Multi-terminal Si Capacitor for 2.5D/3D Applications Using Planarization and Bumpless Chip-on-Wafer (COW)
Yoshiaki Satake - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tatsuya Funaki - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kyosuke Kobinata - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Seiji Hidaka - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hitoshi Matsuno - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chih-Cheng Hsiao - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Sheng-Yi Li - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Shunsuke Abe - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Youngsuk Kim - Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takayuki Ohba - Tokyo Institute of Technology

5. 3D Embedded Power Package Module to Integrate Various Power Systems
Byong Jin Kim - Amkor Technology
Hyeong Il Jeon - Amkor Technology
Dae Young Park - Amkor Technology
Gi Jeong Kim - Amkor Technology
Nam-Hee Cho - Amkor Technology
Jin Young Khim - Amkor Technology

6. Demonstration of Substrate Embedded Ni-Zn Ferrite Core Solenoid Inductors Using a Photosensitive Glass Substrate
Jein Yu - Korea Electronics Technology Institute
Dongsu Kim - Korea Electronics Technology Institute
Insub Han - Korea Electronics Technology Institute
Jongmin Yook - Korea Electronics Technology Institute

7. Fabrication and Characterization of Package Embedded Inductors for Integrated Voltage Regulators
Prahalad Murali - Georgia Institute of Technology
Claudio Alvarez - Intel Corporation
Venkatesh Avula - Georgia Institute of Technology
Marisa Ahmed - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mark Losego - Georgia Institute of Technology
Yusuke Oishi - Panasonic Corporation
Tomohito Uemura - Panasonic Corporation
Ryo Nagatsuka - Panasonic Corporation
Naoki Watanabe - Panasonic Corporation
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology