Session 35 – ECTC

Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday May 31st 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 35: Reliability and Current Stressing of Solder Interconnections
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Summit 6-7

Session Co-Chairs:

Paul Tiner
Texas Instruments
Email: [email protected]

Pei-Haw Tsao
Email: [email protected]


1. Electromigration in Eutectic Tin-Bismuth Bottom-Terminated-Component Solder Joints
Prabjit Singh — IBM Corporation
Larry Palmer — IBM Corporation
Mehdi Hamid — IBM Corporation
Thomas Wassiac — IBM Corporation
Raiyo Aspandiar — Intel Corporation
Brian Franco — Intel Corporation
Haley Fu — iNEMI
Richard Coyle — Nokia Corporation
Vasu Vasudvan — Dell, Inc.
Aileen Allen — HP Inc.
Keith Howell — Nihon Superior Co.
Kei Muryayama — Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

2. Impact of Current Induced Joule Heating Variation on Long-Term Low Melting Temperature Solder Joint Stability
Tae-Kyu Lee — Cisco Systems, Inc.
Yujin Park — Cisco Systems, Inc.
Gnyaneshwar Ramakrishna — Cisco Systems, Inc.
Pushkar Gothe — University of Texas, Arlington
Young-Woo Lee — MK Electron Co., Ltd.
Hui-Joong Kim — MK Electron Co., Ltd.
Seul-Gi Lee — MK Electron Co., Ltd.
Choong-Un Kim — University of Texas, Arlington

3. Reliability Concerns Due to Changes in the Microstructure and Electrical Resistance of Low Temperature, SnBi-Based Solder Joints During Current Stressing
Eric Cotts — State University of New York at Binghamton
Sitaram Panta — State University of New York at Binghamton
Eric Cotts — State University of New York at Binghamton
Babak Arfaei — State University of New York at Binghamton
Faramarz Hadian — State University of New York at Binghamton

4. The Effect of Extended Dwell Time on Thermal Cycling Performance of Hybrid Low Temperature Solder Joints
Richard Coyle — Nokia Bell Labs
Martin Anselm — Rochester Institute of Technology
Chloe Feng — Nokia Bell Labs
Richard Popowich — Nokia Bell Labs

5. Correlation of Mechanical and Microstructural Evolutions in Lead Free Solders Subjected to Various Thermal Exposures
Mohammad Al Ahsan — Auburn University
S M Kamrul Hasan — Auburn University
Souvik Chakraborty — Auburn University
Jeffrey Suhling — Auburn University
Pradeep Lall — Auburn University

6. Pad Cratering and Pin Pull Strength for Large BGA and Connectors - How Are They Correlated?
Dongji Xie — Nvidia Corporation
Joe Hai — Nvidia Corporation
Vivienne Zou — Nvidia Corporation
Zhongming Wu — Nvidia Corporation
Minghong Jian — Nvidia Corporation

7. Board Level Drop Reliability of Hybrid Solder Joints With Controlled Bismuth Mixing Ratio for Carbon Neutrality
Seahwan Kim — Sungkyunkwan University
Kyung Deuk Min — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jaejun Yoon — Sungkyunkwan University
Taejoon Noh — Sungkyunkwan University
Seung Boo Jung — Sungkyunkwan University