Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday June 2nd 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 33: Advances in RDL, Via, and TSV Technologies for Chiplet Integration
Committee: Interconnections
Room: Mediterranean 2 & 3

Session Co-Chairs:

Takafumi Fukushima
Tohoku University
Email: [email protected]

Bernd Ebersberger
Infineon Technologies AG
Email: [email protected]


1. 3D Silicon Interposer for Terabit/s Transceivers Based on High-Speed TSVs
Bogdan Sirbu – Fraunhofer IZM
Kai Zoschke – Fraunhofer IZM
Ukyo Suzuki – CEA-LETI
Quentin Wilmart – CEA-LETI
Tolga Tekin – Fraunhofer IZM

2. Creative Design and Structure Applied to Chiplets Packaging
Chen-Chao Wang – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chih-Yi Huang – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chih-Pin Hung – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Chung-Hung Lai – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Hung-Hsien Huang – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Hung-Chun Kuo – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Ming-Fong Jhong – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
Fu-Chen Chu – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.

3. TSV-Based Stacked Silicon Capacitor with Embedded Package Platform
Kyojin Hwang – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Heeseok Lee – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Junso Pak – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

4. Ultra Fine Pitch RDL (UFPRDL) Using Polymer Dual Damascene Processing
Nelson Pinho – imec
Emmanuel Chery – imec
Nicolas Pantano – imec
John Slabbekoorn – imec
Andy Miller – imec
Eric Beyne – imec

5. Development of a Plasma Etching Process of Copper for the Microfabrication of High-Density Interconnects in Advanced Packaging
Juliano Borges – University of Sherbrooke
Maxime Darnon – University of Sherbrooke
Yann Beilliard – University of Sherbrooke
Serge Ecoffey – University of Sherbrooke
Isabel De Sousa – IBM Canada, Ltd.
Dominique Drouin – University of Sherbrooke

6. On the Path to AI Hardware via Chiplet Integration Enabled by High Density Organic Substrates
Griselda Bonilla – IBM Research
Brian Quinlan – IBM Systems
Tom Wassick – IBM Systems
Russell Kastberg – IBM Systems
Shidong Li – IBM Systems
Monali Basutkar – IBM Systems

7. Fine Pitch Micro Via Interconnection with Reliable Electroless/Electric Cu Plating Layers Combined with High Power DUV Picosecond Laser for Organic Substrates
Ming-chun Hsieh – Osaka University
Zheng Zhang – Osaka University
Masahiko Nishijima – Osaka University
Aiji Suetake – Osaka University
Chuantong Chen – Osaka University
Hiroyoshi Yoshida – Osaka University
Wanyun Li – Osaka University
Reiko Okumura – Osaka University
Hidekazu Homma – Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Koji Kita – Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
George Okada – Spectronix Corp., Ltd.
Katsuaki Suganuma – Osaka University