Technical Program

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Session 3: Antenna-in-Package for Communication, Radar and Energy Transfer
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: RF, High-Speed Components & Systems
Room: Silver Pearl 3

Session Co-Chairs:

Rajen M Murugan
Texas Instruments
[email protected]
Maciej Wojnowski
Infineon Technologies AG
[email protected]


1. 77GHz Cavity Backed AiP Array in FOWLP Technology
Mei Sun - Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR
Lim Teck Guan - Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR
Chai Tai Chong - Institute of Microelectronics (IME), A*STAR

2. ''Smart'' Packaging of Self-Identifying and Localizable mmID for Digital Twinning and Metaverse Temperature Sensing Applications
Charles Lynch - Georgia Institute of Technology
Ajibayo Adeyeye - Georgia Institute of Technology
Manos Tentzeris - Georgia Institute of Technology

3. A Planar High-Efficient W-Band Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Array
Yi-Ting Lin - National Taiwan University
Hung-Chun Kuo - ASE Group
Po-I Wu - ASE Group
Ming-Fong Jhong - ASE Group
Po-Chih Pan - ASE Group
Chung-Yuan Liu - National Taiwan University
Chen-Chao Wang - ASE Group
Tzong-Lin Wu - National Taiwan University

4. Compact Frequency Reconfigurable Array Antenna Based on Diagonally Placed Meander-Line Decouplers and PIN Diodes for Multi-range Wireless Communications
Suk-il Choi - University of Florida
Woosol Lee - University of Florida
Yong-Kyu Yoon - University of Florida

5. High Gain and Low Back Radiation and Thin Antenna Designs Using Electromagnetic Bandgap Surface for Radar and Wearable Applications
Lih-Tyng Hwang - National Sun Yat-sen University
Chun-Cheng Wang - National Sun Yat-sen University
Hung-Chih Lin - National Sun Yat-sen University
Ming-Yuan Huang - National Sun Yat-sen University
Chih-Wen Kuo - National Sun Yat-sen University

6. Reconfigurable Antennas and FSS with Magnetically-Tunable Multiferroic Components
Pawan Gaire - Florida International University
Veeru Jaiswal - Florida International University
John L. Volakis - Florida International University
Markondeya Raj Pulugurtha - Florida International University
Shubhendu Bhardwaj - Florida International University

7. Electrically Small Folded Spherical Helix Antennas Utilizing Thick Solution Cast Nanomagnetic Films
Nicholas Sturim - Michigan State University
Edgar Aldama - Georgia Institute of Technology
Eric Drew - Georgia Institute of Technology
John Papapolymerou - Michigan State University
John Zhang - Georgia Institute of Technology