Technical Program

Friday, June 03, 2022

Session 29: Materials and Processes for Fan-Out and Advanced Packaging
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: Materials & Processing
Room: Coral 3&4

Session Co-Chairs:

Tanja Braun
Fraunhofer IZM
[email protected]
Praveen Pandojirao-S
Johnson & Johnson
[email protected]


1. High Fluorescence Photosensitive Materials for AOI Inspection of Fan-Out Panel Level Package
Kiseok Kim - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jinyoung Kim - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Okseon Yoon - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seunghun Chae - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jihye Shim - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sooryeon Kim - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

2. Selective Epoxy Mold Compound Slurry for Advanced Packaging Technology
Tri Widodo - Intel Corporation
Xavier Brun - Intel Corporation
N. Tsunoda - Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
Y. Ichige - Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
S. Arata - Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
C. Noda - Intel Corporation
S. Nomura - Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.
S. Kondo - Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.

3. Low Warpage Printable Liquid Mold Compound for Laser Direct Structuring
Charlie (Chunlin) He - Henkel Corporation
Ruud deWit - Henkel Corporation
Jie Cao - Henkel Corporation
Tim Champagne - Henkel Corporation
Rose Guino - Henkel Corporation
Tony Winster - Henkel Corporation
Ramachandran Trichur - Henkel Corporation
Mario Saliba - Henkel Corporation
Frank Song - Henkel Corporation
Florian Roick - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
Simon Heitmann - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

4. Large-Scale Production of Boron Nitride Nanosheets-Based Epoxy Nanocomposites with Ultrahigh Through-Plane Thermal Conductivity for Electronic Encapsulation
Zhijian Sun - Georgia Institute of Technology
Michael Yu - Georgia Institute of Technology
Jiaxiong Li - Georgia Institute of Technology
Macleary Moran - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohanalingam Kathaperumal - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kyoung-Sik Moon - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Chi-Ping Wong - Georgia Institute of Technology

5. Photonic Debond: Scalability and Advancements
Luke Prenger - Brewer Science, Inc.
Xavier Martinez - Brewer Science, Inc.
Andrea Chacko - Brewer Science, Inc.
Vikram Turkani - NovaCentrix
Lauren Reimnitz - NovaCentrix
Vahid Akhavan - NovaCentrix
Kurt Schroder - NovaCentrix

6. A Novel Method of Low Temperature, Pressureless Interconnection for Wafer Level Scale 3D Packaging
Po-Shao Shih - National Taiwan University
Yu-An Chen - National Taiwan University
Simon Johannes Gräfner - National Taiwan University
Jeng-Hau Huang - National Taiwan University
Ching-Han Huang - National Taiwan University
C. Robert Kao - National Taiwan University

7. Cracking-Less Heat-Resistant Electroless Ni-P Plating Film for Wide Bandgap Power Modules
Ming-chun Hsieh - Osaka University
Chuantong Chen - Osaka University
Aiji Suetake - Osaka University
Zheng Zhang - Osaka University
Katsuaki Suganuma - Osaka University
Ryuji Saito - Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Norihiko Hasegawa - Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Kei Hashizume - Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Kuniaki Otsuka - Okuno Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.