Technical Program

Program Sessions: Friday June 2nd 9:30 AM – 12:35 PM

Session 28: Process Enhancements in 3D, FOWLP, and TSV Technologies
Committee: Materials & Processing
Room: Mediterranean 1

Session Co-Chairs:

Vidya Jayaram
Intel Corporation
Email: [email protected]

Dwayne Shirley
Email: [email protected]


1. Magneto-Assisted Graphene Reinforcement: A New Method to Enhance Nanostructure and Properties of Electrodeposited Copper
Nithin Nedumthakady – Georgia Institute of Technology
Vanessa Smet – Georgia Institute of Technology

2. Exploring Capabilities of Maskless Lithography for Dual Image Exposure in FO WLP
Ksenija Varga – EV Group, Inc.
Thomas Uhrmann – EV Group, Inc.
Roman Holly – EV Group, Inc.
Chris Milasincic – HD MicroSystems L.L.C.
Mel Zussman – HD MicroSystems L.L.C.
Ron Legario – HD MicroSystems L.L.C.
Michael Knaus – HD MicroSystems L.L.C.
Tobias Zenger – EV Group, Inc.

3. Alignment Through Thick Si Layer for High Resolution Patterning on Bonded Wafers With Tight Overlay Margin Using Immersion Lithography
Arvind Sundaram – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Chin Khang Tew – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Guo Wei Tan – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Hongyu Li – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Nandini Venkataraman – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Yuan-Hsing Fu – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Chandra Rao Bhesetti – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Navab Singh – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

4. Recent Progress in the Development of High-Density TSV for 3-Layers CMOS Image Sensors
Stephan Borel – CEA-LETI
Myriam Assous – CEA-LETI
Stephane Moreau – CEA-LETI
Steve Pellerin – CEA-LETI

5. The Advantages of Low Temperature (<400 °C) Carbon Nano-Tubes (CNTs) as Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) in Multi-Layers Stacking and Backside Power-Via Applications
Nilabh Basu – National Taiwan University
H.-Y. Lin – National Taiwan University
T.-W. Chen – National Taiwan University
Y.-C. Chan – National Taiwan University
Y.-T. Tsai – National Taiwan University
H.-C. Guo – National Taiwan University
T.-H. Wu – National Taiwan University
P.-C. Lin – National Taiwan University
Y.-C. Lin – National Taiwan University
Ming-Han Liao – National Taiwan University

6. A Precise Wafer Thinning Integration Flow for Nano-TSV Formation
Ya-Ching Tseng – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Nandini Venkataraman – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
King Jien Chui – Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

7. Next Generation Infrared (IR) Laser Debonding / Silicon Handle Technology for Precision Chiplet Technology Applications
Qianwen Chen – IBM Corporation
Michael Belyansky – IBM Corporation
Yasir Sulehria – IBM Corporation
Akihiro Horibe – IBM Corporation
Eric Perfecto – IBM Corporation
Katsuyuki Sakuma – IBM Corporation
John Knickerbocker – IBM Corporation
Takeshi Tamura – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Takayuki Ishii – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Panupong Jaipan – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Satoshi Nishimura Nishimura – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.
Ilseok Son – Tokyo Electron, Ltd.