Technical Program

Program Sessions: Thursday June 1st 2:00 PM – 5:05 PM

Session 20: Automotive/Board-Level Reliability
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Palazzo A & B

Session Co-Chairs:

Paul Tiner
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Varughese Mathew
NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Email: [email protected]


1. Impact of Temperature Cycling Conditions on Board Level Vibration for Automotive Applications
Varun Thukral – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Irene Bacquet – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Michiel Soestbergen – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Jeroen Zaal – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Romuald Roucou – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Rene Rongen – NXP Semiconductor, Inc.
Willem Driel – Delft University of Technology
G.Q. Zhang – Delft University of Technology

2. Thermal Aging Study of Encapsulated Power Devices Under Autonomous Driving Condition and Its Effect on Board Level Reliability
Yu-Hsiang Yang – University of Maryland
Bongtae Han – University of Maryland
Przemek Gromala – Bosch

3. Evolution of Fracture Resistance of the FCBGA Interfaces Under Monotonic and Fatigue Loads in Presence of Sustained Automotive High Temperatures
Pradeep Lall – Auburn University
Aathi Pandurangan – Auburn University
Padmanava Choudhury – Auburn University
Jeffrey Suhling – Auburn University

4. System-Level Reliability Modeling and Validation of High-Performance Automotive and Medical IC Packages
Li Jiang – Texas Instruments, Inc.
Guangxu Li – Texas Instruments, Inc.
Kejun Zeng – Texas Instruments, Inc.
Jaimal Williamson – Texas Instruments, Inc.
Rajen Murugan – Texas Instruments, Inc.

5. Reliability Challenges and Mitigation Measures of Small Body-Sized Components on Complex and High-Layer Count PCBs
Omar Ahmed – Juniper Networks
Peng Su – Juniper Networks
Arman Ahari – Juniper Networks
Leif Hutchinson – Juniper Networks
Bernard Glasauer – Juniper Networks

6. Investigation on Fatigue Life of Non-Symmetric Solder Joints in Chip Resistors
Jong Hwan Ha – Binghamton University
Yangyang Lai – Binghamton University
Junbo Yang – Binghamton University
Pengcheng Yin – Binghamton University
Karthik Arun Deo – Binghamton University
Seungbae Park – Binghamton University

7. Investigation of Acceleration Factors for SnAgCu-Bi Solder Joints Under Various Temperature Cycling Test Conditions
Choongpyo Jeon – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Youngsung Choi – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Hyunsik Jeong – Hanyang University
Kwangwon Seo – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Keunho Rhew – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Jinsoo Bae – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Yuchul Hwang – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sangwoo Pae – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.