Technical Program

Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Session 11: Automotive and Harsh Environment
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Applied Reliability
Room: Coral 3&4

Session Co-Chairs:

Pilin Liu
Intel Corporation
[email protected]
Lakshmi N. Ramanathan
[email protected]


1. Cu-Al IMC Degradation Under High Electric Fields During HTOL Test
Amar Mavinkurve - NXP Semiconductors
Rene Rongen - NXP Semiconductors
Michiel van Soestbergen - NXP Semiconductors

2. Effect of Underfill Property Evolution on Solder Joint Reliability in Automotive Applications
Pradeep Lall - Auburn University
Madhu Kasturi - Auburn University
Yunli Zhang - Auburn University
Haotian Wu - Auburn University
Jeff Suhling - Auburn University
Ed Davis - Auburn University

3. Impact of the Final Finish on the Solder Joint Reliability and IMC Formation After Thermal Storage
Britta Schafsteller - Atotech Deutschland GmbH
Sven Lamprecht - Atotech Deutschland GmbH
Gustavo Ramos - Atotech Deutschland GmbH

4. New Lifetime Model for Advanced Power Semiconductor Interconnects
Alexander Schiffmacher - University of Freiburg
Carsten Kempiak - Otto-von-Guericke University
Ahmad Bashiti - University of Freiburg
David Strahringer - University of Freiburg
Jacek Rudzki - Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH
Andreas Lindemann - Otto-von-Guericke University
Juergen Wilde - University of Freiburg

5. Thermal and Mechanical Optimization to Enable Reliable High Performance Liquid-Cooled Compute System for Level 4 Autonomous Driving
Fen Chen - Cruise Automation
Gilberto Madrid - Cruise Automation
Brian Schlotterbeck - Cruise Automation
Jagdeep Singh - Cruise Automation
Adli Nureddin - Cruise Automation
Tyler Sawyer - Cruise Automation
Zoran Stefanoski - Cruise Automation
Spencer Klimpke - Cruise Automation
Hector Guajardo - Cruise Automation
Arul Ramalingam - Cruise Automation
Maik Duwensee - Cruise Automation

6. Comprehensive Study of Long-Term Reliability of Copper Bonding Wires at Harsh Automotive Conditions
Robert Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sandy Klengel - Fraunhofer IMWS
Sebastian Tismer - Fraunhofer IMWS
Thomas Ackermann - Fraunhofer IMWS
Noritoshi Araki - Nippon Micrometal Corporation
Motoki Eto - Nippon Micrometal Corporation
Teruo Haibara - Nippon Micrometal Corporation
Takashi Yamada - Nippon Micrometal Corporation
Jochen Feldmann - Elmos Semiconductor SE
Ralph Binner - Elmos Semiconductor SE
Henk Peters - Elmos Semiconductor SE

7. Post Wirebonding Coating for Prevention of Corrosion of Wire Bonded Packages by Chlorine Containing Foreign Particles
Varughese Mathew - NXP Semiconductors
Sheila Chopin - NXP Semiconductors
Guangming Li - NXP Semiconductors
Sean Xu - NXP Semiconductors