2024 IEEE ECTC Press Kit

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2024 IEEE ECTC Press Releases:
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2024 IEEE ECTC Photos with captions:
Selected images from the papers will be presented in two formats:
– Word file with images associated with a highlighted paper and the caption
– JPEG file with individual high-resolution images

Paper 2.4, Novel Three-Layer Stacking Process With Face-to-Back CoW 6 µm-Pitch Hybrid Bonding

Paper 3.1, High Density Integration of Silicon Photonic Chiplets for 51.2T Co-Packaged Optics

Paper 8.2, 3-Layer Fine Pitch Cu-Cu Hybrid Bonding Demonstrator With High Density TSV For Advanced CMOS Image Sensor Applications

Paper 9.5, IR Laser Debond From Silicon Carrier Wafers With Inorganic Thin Film Release Layers for High-Density 2.5D and 3D Integration

Paper 11.1, Reworkable Superconducting Qubit Package for Quantum Computing

Paper 12.6, Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid SAC-LTS Joints Under Temperature Cycling with a Modified Garofalo Creep Model Based On Bi Concentration

Paper 16.7, BGA Electromigration Behavior And Why It Has Become the Bottleneck

Paper 19.5, Methodologies For Characterization Of W2W Bonding Strength

Paper 22.3, System-Level Analysis And Design Optimization of Back-side Power Delivery Network for Advanced Nodes

Paper 23.1, Advanced Thermocompression Bonding Application On High-Density Fan-Out Embedded Bridge Technology For HPC/AI/ML

Paper 24.6, Optimized Simulation Methodology of Warpage Localized Stress Hotspot Prediction For Assembly Risk Assessment

Paper 25.7, A Novel DC-DC Converter Module Using The Integrated Package Solution (iPaS) Substrate For Next Generation High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications

Paper 33.2, Novel Negative-Tone Dry Film Resist And Process For Fine Pitch Copper Wiring With L/S = 1.5/1.5 µm On Build-up Substrate

Paper 34.6, Ultra-Compact Computing At The Edge Involving Unobtrusively Small Sub-millimeter Heterogeneous Integration Packaging

Interactive Presentation 38.5, The Energy-Efficient 10-Chiplet AI Hyperscale NPU On Large-Scale Advanced Package

Paper 41, Reliability Of Indium Solder Joints Using A Laser-Assisted Bonding (LAB) Process At Room Temperature


If you plan to attend, please let us know. Whether you would like to do a news story, conference preview or an in-depth exploration of a particular technology, please contact one of us for the additional information or interviews you may need.

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