Technical Program

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Session 8: Material and Process Trends in FOWLP and PLP
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Materials & Processing

Session Co-Chairs:

Tanja Braun
Fraunhofer IZM
T +46 30 46403244
Yi Li
Intel Corporation
T +1-480-554-1657


1. 1:30 PM - Laser Releasable Temporary Bonding Film With High Thermal Stability
Yong-suk Yang - 3M
Kyo-sung Hwang - 3M
Robin Gorrell - 3M

2. 1:55 PM - Design and Demonstration of 1┬Ám Low Resistance RDL Using Panel Scale Processes for High-Performance Computing Applications
Bartlet DeProspo - Georgia Institute of Technology
Aya Momozawa - Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Atsushi Kubo - Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Chandrasekharan Nair - Georgia Institute of Technology
Varun Rajagoapal - Georgia Institute of Technology
Jenefa Kannan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Emanuel Surillo - Georgia Institute of Technology
Fuhan Liu - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohananlingam Kathaperumal - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology

3. 2:20 PM - Advances in Temporary Carrier Technology for High-Density Fan-Out Device Build-Up
Arnita Podpod - IMEC
Alain Phommahaxay - IMEC
Alice Guerrero - Brewer Science
Pieter Bex - IMEC
John Slabbekoorn - IMEC
Julien Bertheau - IMEC
Adbellah Salahouelhadj - IMEC
Kim Yess - Brewer Science
Kim Arnold - Brewer Science
Gerald Beyer - IMEC
Eric Beyne - IMEC

4. 3:30 PM - Development of Novel Low-Temperature Curable Positive-Tone Photosensitive Dielectric Materials With High-Reliability
Yutaro Koyama - Toray Industries, Inc.
Yuki Masuda - Toray Industries, Inc.
Yu Shoji - Toray Industries, Inc.
Keika Hashimoto - Toray Industries, Inc.
Hitoshi Araki - Toray Industries, Inc.
Masao Tomikawa - Toray Industries, Inc.

5. 3:55 PM - Highly Reliable Photosensitive Negative-Tone Polyimide With Low Cure Shrinkage
Daisaku Matsukawa - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems,Ltd.
Hiroko Yotsuyanagi - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems, Ltd.
Shiori Sakakibara - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems, Ltd.
Noriyuki Yamazaki - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems, Ltd.
Tetsuya Enomoto - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems, Ltd.
Takeharu Motobe - Hitachi Chemical DuPont MicroSystems, Ltd.

6. 4:20 PM - High Rate and Low Damage Etching Method as Pre Treatment of Seed Layer Sputtering for Fan Out Panel Level Packaging
Tetsushi Fujinaga - ULVAC, Inc.

7. 4:45 PM - Investigation and Methods Using Various Release and Thermoplastic Bonding Materials to Reduce Die Shift and Wafer Warpage for eWLB Chip-First Processes
Michelle Fowler - Brewer Science, Inc.
John P. Massey - Brewer Science, Inc.
Tanja Braun - Fraunhofer IZM
Steve Voges - Fraunhofer IZM
Robert Gernhardt - Fraunhofer IZM
Markus Wohrmann - Fraunhofer IZM