Technical Program

Friday, June 02, 2017

Session 41: Student Interactive Presentations
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Committee: Interactive Presentations
Room: Northern Hemisphere Foyer

Session Co-Chairs:

Yang Liu
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
T +1-914-945-2142
Li Ming

Vaidyanathan Chelakara
Ciena Corporation
T +1-613-670-2472

Suresh K. Sitaraman
Georgia Institute of Technology
T +1-404-894-3405


Stress Analysis of Flexible Packaging for the Integration of Electronic Components within Woven Textiles
Menglong Li - University of Southampton
John Tudor - University of Southampton
Russel Torah - University of Southampton
Steve Beeby - University of Southampton

Signal Integrity Analysis of Silicon/Glass/Organic Interposers for 2.5D/3D Interconnects
Sumin Choi - KAIST
Heegon Kim - Missouri S&T
Kiyeong Kim - Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
Joungho Kim - KAIST
Junyong Park - KAIST
Daniel H. Jung - KAIST

A Study on the Fabrication of Electrical Circuits on Fabrics using Cu pattern Laminated B-stage adhesive Films for Electronic Textile Applications
Seung-Yoon Jung - KAIST
Kyung-Wook Paik - KAIST

Electrically Testing Non-underfilled Flip Chip Assemblies- Impacts on Interconnect Integrity
Antoine Cloutier - Université de Sherbrooke
David Danovitch - Université de Sherbrooke
Benoit Foisy - IBM Corporation

Effects of Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) Gap Heights on the Bending Reliability of Chip-in-Flex (CIF) Packages for Wearable Electronics Applications
Ji-Hye Kim - KAIST
Tae-Ik Lee - KAIST
Dal-Jin Yoon - KAIST
Taek-Soo Kim - KAIST
Kyung-Wook Paik - KAIST

A Study on the Fine Pitch Flex-on-Flex (FOF) Assembly Using Flux Added Nanofiber Solder Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) and Thermo-compression Bonding Method
Ji-Soo Lee - KAIST
Ji-Hye Kim - KAIST
Kyung-Wook Paik - KAIST

Infrared (IR) Soldering of Metallic Nanowires
Jirui Wang - University of Massachusetts Lowell
Fan Gao - University of Massachusetts Lowell
Zhiyong Gu - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Stretchable and Electrically Conductive Composites Fabricated from Polyurethane and Silver Nano/Microstructures
Bo Song - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kyoung-sik Moon - Georgia Institute of Technology
CP Wong - Georgia Institute of Technology

Numerical and Experimental Study of Fan-out Wafer Level Package Strength
Cheng Xu - Nanyang Technological University
Zhaowei Zhong - Nanyang Technological University
Won Kyoung Choi - STATS ChipPAC, Inc.

Effects of Passivation Layer and Electroplating Parameters of Copper Film on Wafer Warpage during Thermal Process
Gong Cheng - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
Heng Li - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
Weibo Zhang - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
Gaowei Xu - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology
Le Luo - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology

Development of Mechanical Locking Micro-Anchor Structures for aQFN Package Application
Yu-Lung Huang - National Sun Yat-Sen University
Wei-Chih Lin - National Sun Yat-Sen University
Mano Ajayan - National Sun Yat-Sen University
Bao-Hui Chang Chien - National Sun Yat-Sen University

Reliability of Cu/NiFe and Cu/Ni Metaconductor Devices for RF Applications
Timothy Clingenpeel - University of Florida
Yong-Kyu Yoon - University of Florida

A New Fan-Out Package Structure Utilizing the Self-Alignment Effect of Molten Solder to Improve the Die Shift and Enhance the Thermal Properties
Hwan-Pil Park - College of Engineering / Hanyang University
Jae-Yong Park - College of Engineering / Hanyang University
Gwancheol Seo - College of Engineering / Hanyang University
Young-Ho Kim - College of Engineering / Hanyang University

Toughening Underfills by Stress-Absorbing Core-Shell Fillers
Chia-Chi Tuan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kyoung-Sik Moon - Georgia Institute of Technology
Ching-Ping Wong - Georgia Institute of Technology

Thermal Characteristic of Sn-MWCNT Nanocomposite Solder in LED Package
Choong-Jae Lee - Sungkyunkwan University
Jae-Jung Moon - Sungkyunkwan University
Kwang-Ho Jung - Sungkyunkwan University
Seung-Boo Jung - Sungkyunkwan University

An Evaluation of Effects of Molding Compound Properties on the Reliability of Ag Wire Bonded Components
Keisuke Yazawa - Purdue University
Carol Handwerker - Purdue Univesity
John Blendell - Purdue Univesity
Alexander Campbell - Purdue Univesity
Wenhao Chen - Purdue Univesity
Azzedin Jackson - Purdue Univesity
Matthew Parsons - Purdue Univesity
Peng Su - Juniper Networks

A Nonlinear Transmission Line Based Harmonic RF Tag
Mohd Ifwat Mohd Ghazali - Michigan State University
Saranraj Karuppuswami - Michigan State University
Amanpreet Kaur - Michigan State University
Premjeet Chahal - Michigan State University

Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Thermal Performance of LED Filament Light Bulb
Jie Liu - Wuhan University
Chunlin Xu - Huazhong University Of Science And Technology
Huai Zheng - Wuhan University
Sheng Liu - Wuhan University

Effective and Efficient Modeling of Differential Vias Using Semi-Empirical Approach
Fanghui Ren - Oregon State University
Kevin Cai - Cisco Systems, Inc.
Chunchun Sui - Cisco Systems, Inc.
Jayaprakash Balachandran - Cisco Systems, Inc.
Bidyut Sen - Cisco Systems, Inc.

Design of Low-Profile Integrated Transformer and Inductor for Substrate-Embedding in 1-5kW Isolated GaN DC-DC Converters
Haksun Lee - Georgia Institute of Technology
Vanessa Smet - Georgia Institute of Technology
Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology

Stretchable Capacitive Strain Sensors Based on a Novel Polymer Composite Blend
Todd Houghton - Arizona State University
Jignesh Vanjaria - Arizona State University
Thomas Murphy - Arizona State University
Hongbin Yu - Arizona State University

Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of 3D Glass Packaging for Automotive Cameras
Daniel Struk - Georgia Institute of Technology
Peter Hesketh - Georgia Institute of Technology
Chintan Buch - Georgia Institute of Technology
Klaus Wolter - Georgia Institute of Technology
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology

Miniaturization of Planar Packaged Inductor Using NiZn and Low Cost Screen Printing Technique
Colin Pardue - Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohamed F. Bellaredj - Georgia Institute of Technology
Anto K. Davis - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology