Technical Program

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Session 39: Interactive Presentations 3
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Committee: Interactive Presentations
Room: Northern Hemisphere Foyer

Session Co-Chairs:

Mark Eblen
Kyocera America, Inc.
T +1-858-614-2537
Swapan Bhattacharya
Engent Inc.
T 770 280 4259

Tz-Cheng Chiu
National Cheng Kung University
T +886-6-2757575

Frank Wei
Disco Japan
T +81-3-4590-1035


Transmission Properties of HBM Interface on 2.1D System in Package using Organic Interposer
Yutaka Uematsu - Hitachi
Nobuyuki Ushifusa - Hitachi
Hitoshi Onozeki - Hitachi Chemical

The Use of Single Layer MIS in Modern Assembly
Kohan Lin - SPIL
Albert Lan - SPIL
Mark Liao - SPIL
Boxiang Fang - SPIL

Physical and Electrical Characterization of 3D Embedded Capacitor: A High-Density MIM Capacitor Embedded in TSV
Ye Lin - Nanyang Technological University
Chuan Seng Tan - Nanyang Technological University

High Reliability Challenges with Cu Wire Bonding for Automotive Devices in the AEC-Q006
JunHo Jeon - Amkor
SungHo Jeon - Amkor
SeokHo Na - Amkor
Mina Mo - Amkor
Kwangmo Lim - Amkor
DaeByoung Kang - Amkor
JinYoung Kim

Development of Die Attachment Technology for Power IC Module by Introducing Indium into Sintered Nano-Silver Joint
Chun An Yang - National Taiwan University
C. Robert Kao - National Taiwan University
Hiroshi Nishikawa - Osaka University

Effect of Nickel-Coating Modified CNTs on the Dopant Dispersion and Performance of BGA Solder Joints
Huayu Sun - City University of Hong Kong
Xiao Hu - HiSilicon Technologies
Yan-Cheong Chan - City University of Hong Kong
Fengshun Wu - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Small Event Probability Analysis of Manufacturing Problems with Numerous Input Variables using Advanced Uncertainty Propagation Analysis
Hsiu-Ping Wei - University of Maryland
Bongtae Han - University of Maryland

Assessing the Reliability of High Temperature Solder Alternatives
Maan Z. Kokash - Binghamton University
Rajesh S. Sivasubramony - Binghamton University
Jorge L. Then Cuevas - Binghamton University
Angelo F. Zamudio - Binghamton University
Peter Borgesen - Binghamton University
Alfred A. Zinn - Lockheed Martin
Randall M. Stoltenberg - Lockheed Martin
Jerome Chang - Lockheed Martin
Y.-L. Tseng - Lockheed Martin
Dan Blass - Lockheed Martin

High Performance Silver Alloy Bonding Wire for Memory Devices
Tetsuya Oyamada - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
Tomohiro Uno - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
Takashi Yamada - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
Daizo Oda - Nippon Micrometal

Low Pressure Solid-State Bonding Using Silver Preforms for High Power Device Packaging
Jiaqi Wu - University of California, Irvine
Chin C. Lee - University of California, Irvine

Fabrication, Characterization and Comparison of FR4-Compatible Composite Magnetic Materials for High Efficiency Integrated Voltage Regulators with Embedded Magnetic Core Micro-Inductors
Mohamed Bellaredj - Georgia Institute of Technology
Sebastian Mueller - Georgia Institute of Technology
Anto Davis - Georgia Institute of Technology
Paul Kohl - Georgia Institute of Technology
Madhavan Swaminathan - Georgia Institute of Technology
Yasuhiko Mano - Ibiden

The Novel Failure Mechanism of the Polymer Ball Interconnected CBGA under Board Level Thermal Mechanical Stress
Jeffrey Lee - iST-Integrated Service Technology
Cheng-Chih Chen - iST-Integrated Service Technology
Dem Lee - iST-Integrated Service Technology
Cherie Chen - iST-Integrated Service Technology
Alice Lin - iST-Integrated Service Technology

Development of Double Side Protection Process with Bump Support Film (BSF) and Backside Coating Tape for WLP
Masanori Yamagishi - LINTEC
Tomotaka Morishita - LINTEC
Motoki Nozue - LINTEC
Akinori Sato - LINTEC
Keisuke Shinomiya - LINTEC
Shinya Takyu - LINTEC

Selective Laser Melting as an Alternative for Production of High-Temperature Power Electronic Substrates
Aarief Syed Khaja - Friedrich Alexander University
Joerg Franke - Friedrich Alexander University

Design of Miura Folding-Based Micro-Supercapacitors as Foldable and Miniaturized Energy Storage Units
Bo Song - Georgia Institute of Technology
Yun Chen - Georgia Institute of Technology
Kyoung-sik Moon - Georgia Institute of Technology
CP Wong - Georgia Institute of Technology

Assembly and Reliability Challenges for Next Generation High Thermal TIM Materials
Chi-An Pan - SPIL
Chi-Tung Yeh - SPIL
Wei-Chun Qiu - SPIL
Rong-Zheng Lin - SPIL
Liang-Yih Hung - SPIL
Kong-Toon Ng - SPIL
C. F. Lin - SPIL
C. Key Chung - SPIL
Don-Son Jiang - SPIL
C. S. Hsiao - SPIL

Low Temperature Curable Polyimide Film Properties and WLP Reliability Performance with Various Curing Conditions
Yu Chuan (Steven) Chen - SPIL
Katch Wan - SPIL
Chen An Chang - SPIL
Rick Lee - SPIL

The Effect of Polymer Rebound on SnBi58 Solder ACFs Joints Cracks during a Thermo-Compression Bonding
Shuye Zhang - KAIST
Kyung-Wook Paik - KAIST