Technical Program

Friday, May 31, 2019

Session 32: Power and Panel Assembly
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Assembly & Manufacturing Technology

Session Co-Chairs:

Habib Hichri
Suss Microtech Photonic Systems Inc.
T +1 951 817 3791
Shichun Qu
Intersil, a Renesas Company
T +1-408-546-3713


1. 1:30 PM - An RDL-First Fan-out Panel Level Package for Heterogeneous Integration Applications
Yu-Min Lin - Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Sheng-Tsai Wu - Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Chun-Min Wang - Unimicron Technology Corporation
Chia-Hsin Lee - Brewer Science
Ang-Ying Lin - Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Shin-Yi Huang - Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Tao-Chih Chang - Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Puru Bruce Lin - Unimicron Technology Corporation
Cheng-Ta Ko - Unimicron Technology Corporation
Kuan-Neng Chen - National Chiao Tung University

2. 1:55 PM - High-Density Flexible Substrate Technology with Thin Chip Embedding and Partial Carrier Release Option for IoT and Sensor Applications
Kai Zoschke - Fraunhofer IZM
Piotr Mackowiak - Fraunhofer IZM
Ha-Duong Ngo - Fraunhofer IZM
Christian Tschoban - Fraunhofer IZM
Carola Fritsche - Fraunhofer IZM
Kevin Kröhnert - Fraunhofer IZM
Thorsten Fischer - Fraunhofer IZM
Ivan Ndip - Fraunhofer IZM
Klaus-Dieter Lang - Technical University Berlin

3. 2:20 PM - Advances in High-Speed Plating for Vertical Glass Panel Fine-Line Plating
Claudia Landstorfer - Semsysco GmbH
Herbert Ötzlinger - Semsysco GmbH
Christian Dunkel - Semsysco GmbH
Tetsuya Onishi - Semsysco GmbH
Raoul Schroeder - Semsysco GmbH

4. 3:30 PM - High-Yield Precision Transfer and Assembly of GaN µLEDs Ssing Laser Assisted Micro Transfer Printing
Goutham Ezhilarasu - University of California, Los Angeles
Amir Hanna - University of California, Los Angeles
Ajit Paranjpe - Veeco Instruments, Inc.
Subramanian Iyer - University of California, Los Angeles

5. 3:55 PM - Study of the properties of AlN PMUT used as a Wireless Power Receiver
Dan Gong - Xiamen University
Shenglin Ma - Xiamen University
Han Cai - Xiamen University
Xinxin Hu - Xiamen University
Yihsiang Yihsiang - Peking University
YunHeng Sun - Peking University
Huan Liu - Peking University
Yufeng Jin - Peking University

6. 4:20 PM - Large Panel Size Bonder with High-Performance and High-Accuracy
Hubert Selhofer - Besi Austria GmbH
Hugo Pristauz - Besi Austria GmbH
Andreas Mayr - Besi Austria GmbH

7. 4:45 PM - Advance Embedded Packaging For Power Discrete Device
Jiaren Huo - Wuxi Sky Chip Interconnention Technology Co.,Ltd.
Guanqiang song - Wuxi Sky Chip Interconnention Technology Co.,Ltd.
Juntao wang - Wuxi Sky Chip Interconnention Technology Co.,Ltd.