Technical Program

Friday, May 31, 2019

Session 31: Automotive and Power Packaging
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Packaging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

Young-Gon Kim
Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
T +1-408-360-1545
Kuo-Chung Yee
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Inc.
T +886-3-5636688 Ext. 7222920/7223012


1. 1:30 PM - Development of High Power and High Junction Temperature SiC Based Power Packages
Gongyue Tang - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Ching Wai Leong - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Teck Guan Lim - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Zhaohui Chen - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Yong Liang Ye - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Ravinder Pal Singh - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Lin Bu - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Boon Long Lau - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Tai Chong Chai - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Kazunori Yamamoto - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR
Xiaowu Zhang - Institute of Microelectronics A*STAR

2. 1:55 PM - Development for Highly Heat Resistant Joint Materials on Exhaust Gas Sensor; SiC-FET-Type NOx Sensor and SAW-Type PM Sensor
Chiko Yorita - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Nobuyuki Ushifusa - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Yoshitaka Sasago - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Atsushi Isobe - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Shigenobu Komatsu - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Takahiro Odaka - Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Kenji Okishiro - Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Yuta Sugiyama - Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

3. 2:20 PM - Innovative Flip Chip Package Solutions for Automotive Applications
Tom Tang - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
David Ho - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Mark Liao - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Jensen Tsai - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
Yu-Po Wang - Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

4. 3:30 PM - Reliability of Laminated Bond Structure Using (Cu,Ni)/Sn TLP Bonding With Al Interlayer for High Temperature Power Electronics Packaging
Yanghe Liu - Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
Shailesh Joshi - Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

5. 3:55 PM - Silver Sintering on Organic Substrates for the Embedding of Power Semiconductor Devices
Alexander Schiffmacher - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Lorenz Litzenberger - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Juergen Wilde - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Till Huesgen - Kempten University of Applied Sciences

6. 4:20 PM - High-Temperature Resistant Packaging Technology For SiC Power Module by Using Ni Micro-Plating Bonding
Kohei Tatsumi - Waseda University
Isamu Morisako - Waseda University
Tomonori Iizuka Nobuaki Sato - Mitsui High-tec, Inc.
Koji Shimizu - Mitsui High-tec, Inc.
Kazutoshi Ueda - Mitsui High-tec Inc.
Masayuki Hikita - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Rikiya Kamimura - Kitakyushu Foundation for the Advancement of Industry, Science and Technology
Kazuhiko Sugiura - DENSO Corporation
Kazuhiro Tsuruta - DENSO Corporation
Keiji Toda - Toyota Motor Corporation

7. 4:45 PM - Lead-Free, High Thermal and Electrical Performance Driven Die Attach Material Development for Power Packages
Byong Jin Kim - Amkor Technology, Inc.
DongSu Ryu - Amkor Technology, Inc.
Hyeong Il Jeon - Amkor Technology, Inc.
Weng Tuck Chim - Amkor Technology, Inc.
JinYoung Khim - Amkor Technology, Inc.
Muhammad Hadhari Hazellah - Amkor Technology, Inc.