Technical Program

Friday, June 02, 2017

Session 27: Advances in Thermal Compression and Wirebonding
8:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Committee: Interconnections
Room: Southern Hemisphere I

Session Co-Chairs:

Matthew Yao
GE Energy Management
T +1-412-963-3244
William Chen
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
T +1-408-250-4290


1. 8:00 AM - Heterogeneous Integration at Fine Pitch (2-10 ┬Ám) Using Thermal Compression Bonding
Adeel Ahmad Bajwa - UCLA
SivaChandra Jangam - UCLA
Saptadeep Pal - UCLA
Niteesh Marathe - UCLA
Tingyu Bai - UCLA
Takafumi Fukushima - UCLA
Mark Goorsky - UCLA
Subramanian Iyer - UCLA

2. 8:25 AM - Reliable Cu-Cu Thermocompression Bonding by Low Temperature Sintered Cu Nanowires
Li Du - Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Tielin Shi - Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zirong Tang - Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Guanglan Liao - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

3. 8:50 AM - Effect of Metallic Materials Films on the Properties of Copper/Tin Micro-bump Thermo-compression Bonding
Yong Guan - Peking University
Qinghua Zeng - Peking University
Shenglin Ma - Xiamen University
Jing Chen - Peking University
Yufeng Jin - Peking University
Wei Meng - Peking University

4. 10:00 AM - Thermal Bond Reliability of High Reliability New Palladium-Coated Copper Wire
Motoki Eto - Nippon Micrometal
Tomohiro Uno - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal
Teruo Haibara - Nippon Micrometal
Ryo Oishi - Nippon Micrometal
Takashi Yamada - Nippon Micrometal
Tetsuya Oyamada - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal

5. 10:25 AM - Correlation Study of Pd Metallurgical Distributions and RF Characteristics of Pd Coated/Doped Ag-alloy Wire Bonds
Yi-Jung Sung - National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chang-Yi Feng - NXP
Lih-Tyng Hwang - National Sun Yat-Sen University
Eson Chuang - Precision Packaging Materials Corp.,

6. 10:50 AM - Advances in Wire Bonding Technology for 3D Die Stacking and Fan-Out Wafer Level Package
Ivy Qin - Kulicke and Soffa
Oranna Yauw - Kulicke and Soffa
Gary Schulze - Kulicke and Soffa
Aashish Shah - Kulicke and Soffa
Bob Chylak - Kulicke and Soffa
Nelson Wong - Kulicke and Soffa

7. 11:15 AM - Development of Packaging Technology for High Temperature Resistant SiC Module
Kohei Tatsumi - Waseda University
Tomonori Iizuka - Waseda University
Kazuhito Kamei - Waseda University
Masakazu Inagaki - Waseda University
Akihiro Imakire - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Masayuki Hikita - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Rikiya Kamimura - FAIS
Nobuaki Sato - Mitsui High-tec
Hiroaki Narimatsu - Mitsui High-tec
Koji Shimizu - Mitsui High-tec
Keiji Toda - Toyota