Technical Program

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Session 19: Recent Advances in FOWLP Technology
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Materials & Processing
Room: Southern Hemisphere III

Session Co-Chairs:

Praveen Pandojirao-S
Johnson & Johnson
T +1-904-443-1691
Yi Li
Intel Corporation
T +1-480-554-1657


1. 1:30 PM - Innovative Excimer Laser Dual Damascene Process for Ultra-Fine Line Multi-layer Routing with 10┬Ám Pitch Micro-Vias for Wafer-Level and Panel-Level Packaging
Markus Woehrmann - Fraunhofer IZM
Habib Hichri - Suss MicroTec
Robert Gernhardt - Fraunhofer IZM
Karin Hauck - Fraunhofer IZM
Michael Toepper - Fraunhofer IZM
Markus Arendt - Suss MicroTec
Klaus-Dieter Lang - Technical University Berlin
Tanja Braun - Fraunhofer IZM

2. 1:55 PM - Forming a Vertical Interconnect Structure Using Dry Film Processing for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging
Yew Wing Leong - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Hsiang-Yao Hsiao - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
David Soon Wee Ho - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Boon Long Lau - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR
Huamao Lin - Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR

3. 2:20 PM - Embedded Trench Redistribution Layers (RDL) by Excimer Laser Ablation and Surface Planer Processes
Habib Hichri - Suss MicroTec
Rao Tummala - Georgia Institute of Technology
Markus Arendt - Suss MicroTec
Frank Wei - DISCO Corporation
Ye Chen - DISCO Corporation
Cody Lee - DISCO Corporation
Ognian Dimov - Fujifilm
Deepak Arora - Fujifilm
Sanjay Malik - Fujifilm
Venky Sundaram - Georgia Institute of Technology
Lee Seongkuk - Suss MicroTec

4. 3:30 PM - Temporary Bonding and Debonding Technologies for Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging
Qi Wu - Brewer Science
Xiao Liu - Brewer Science
Kuo Han - Brewer Science
Dongshun Bai - Brewer Science
Tony Flaim - Brewer Science

5. 3:55 PM - Development and Evaluation of Carrier Glass Substrate for Fan-Out WLP/PLP Process
Kazutaka Hayashi - Asahi Glass, Co., Ltd.
Shigeki Sawamura - Asahi Glass, Co., Ltd.
Shuhei Nomura - Asahi Glass, Co., Ltd.
Naoya Suzuki - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Masaaki Takekoshi - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

6. 4:20 PM - Warpage Suppression during FO-WLP Fabrication Process
Masaaki Takekoshi - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Keisuke Nishido - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yuhei Okada - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Naoya Suzuki - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Toshihisa Nonaka - Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.

7. 4:45 PM - Impact of Process Control on UBM/RDL Contact Resistance for Next-Generation Fan-Out Devices
Patrik Carazzetti - Evatec AG
Frantisek Balon - Evatec AG
Mike Hoffmann - Evatec AG
Juergen Weichart - Evatec AG
Andreas Erhart - Evatec AG
Ewald Strolz - Evatec AG
Kay Viehweger - Fraunhofer IZM-ASSID