Technical Program

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Session 19: MEMS, Sensors, and IoT
1:30 PM - 5:10 PM
Committee: Packaging Technologies

Session Co-Chairs:

Joseph W. Soucy
Draper Laboratory
T +1-617-258-2953
Ning Ge
T +1-650-966-4796


1. 1:30 PM - A MEMS Microphone in a FOWLP
Horst Theuss - Infineon Technologies
Christian Geissler - Infineon Technologies
Franz-Xaver Muehlbauer - Infineon Technologies
Claus von Waechter - Infineon Technologies
Thomas Kilger - Infineon Technologies
Juergen Wagner - Infineon Technologies
Thomas Fischer - Infineon Technologies
Ulf Bartl - Infineon Technologies
Stephan Helbig - Infineon Technologies
Alfred Sigl - Infineon Technologies
Dominic Maier - Infineon Technologies

2. 1:55 PM - Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging - A Platform for Advanced Sensor Packaging
Tanja Braun - Fraunhofer IZM
Karl-Friedrich Becker - Fraunhofer IZM
Ole Höelck - Fraunhofer IZM
Ruben Kahle - Fraunhofer IZM
Pascal Graap - Fraunhofer IZM
Markus Wöhrmann - Fraunhofer IZM
Rolf Aschenbrenner - Fraunhofer IZM
Steve Voges - Technical University Berlin
Marc Dreissigacker - Technical University Berlin
Klaus-Dieter Lang - Technical University Berlin
Martin Schneider-Ramelow - Technical University Berlin

3. 2:20 PM - 3D-MID Evaluation and Validation for Space Applications
Etienne Hirt - Art of Technology AG
Klaus Ruzicka - Art of Technology AG
Benedikt Wigger - Hahn Schickard
Maximilian Barth - Hahn Schickard
Ernst Müller - Universitat Stuttgart Institute of Microintegration
Rafat Saleh - Hahn Schickard
Florian Janek - Hahn Schickard

4. 3:30 PM - High-Temperature Pressure Sensor Package and Characterization of Thermal Stress in the Assembly up to 500 °C
Nilavazhagan Subbiah - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Qingming Feng - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Juergen Wilde - University of Freiburg, IMTEK
Gudrun Bruckner - University of Freiburg, IMTEK

5. 3:55 PM - Development of 3D WLCSP with Black Shielding for Optical Finger Print Sensor for the Application of Full Screen Smart Phone
Daquan Yu - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Yichao Zou - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Xirui Xu - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Aihua Shi - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Zhiyi Xiao - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Xiaobing Yang - Huantian Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd.

6. 4:20 PM - Micro Fountain-Like Resonators
Jianfeng Zhang - Southeast University
Jintang Shang - Southeast University
Bin Luo - Southeast University
Zhaoxi Su - Southeast University

7. 4:45 PM - Novel Additively Manufactured Packaging Approaches for 5G/mm-Wave Wireless Modules
Tong-Hong Lin - Georgia Institute of Technology
Aline Eid - Georgia Institute of Technology
Jimmy Hester - Georgia Institute of Technology
Bijan Tehrani - Georgia Institute of Technology
Jo Bito - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Manos Tentzeris - Georgia Institute of Technology